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Rules and Guidlines

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Rules and Guidlines Empty Rules and Guidlines

Post  kingz26 Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:06 pm

Hi everyone!

Please read the rules and guidelines before posting.

-Please honor and respect all members, staff and admin at all times.

We are going to have differences in opinions. Express it respectfully and move on. Do not conduct debates or argue about your differences. If you wish to beat a dead horse take it to the private messaging system.

Only staff can give directives to members. Members should not take it upon themselves to act as staff. Do not comment on other members behaviors on threads. It pisses people off.

Contact staff if a member is being disruptive or in violation of forum rules. This is your fan community. Take responsiblity for it's inegrity. Alert staff immediately if you see problems arising on the site. Don't just hang out feeling pissed off about it.

If you choose to conduct yourself in a manner that disrespects members, admin, CK and The Kings you will be asked to leave and take your negativity with you.

-Malicious and unsubstantiated rumors will not be tolerated.

These rumors usually start with "I heard". "Someone said", "I know someone who knows."

You are a member of a LSR fan site. Act accordingly. Respect them. Respect their privacy. Don't make up stuff about them for your own entertainment value. It is one thing to have discussions about their outfits, performances etc. It is another to speculate on issues of a personal and private nature.

-Do NOT post oversized pics.

This will cause problems for members when they try to log on or post. The can potentially cause a board to spill data or lose posts.
Pictures should not exceed the "Message Board" size provided for on photobucket 640 X 480 ppi.

Staff reserves the right to delete pics that are oversized. You are welcome to repost at the appropriate size. If you are having problems getting pics to resize or need asssistance, contact QMCLSR staff for assistance. You are responsible for checking your pic size once they have posted. If they are oversized, do NOT leave them on the board.

We reserve the right to edit or delete posts, photos, emoticons, usernames, and avatars we determine as disruptive or inappropriate. We also reserve the right to block posting from persons that are harassing the admin and mods or trying to disrupt the community on the board.

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